Services of plant electrotechnical laboratory

  • Insulation resistance test;
  • Resistance measurement of  electrical ground, ground resistivity;
  • Bonding check  of grounding conductor with the groundable parts by testing of contact joint’s transition resistance;
  • Testing of the chain “zero-phase” in electric installation till 1 kVt with the total earth neutral point;
  • Microclimate at workplace;
  • Noise level at workplace,
  • intensity of illumination at workplace.

Safety and accident prevention regulations is suitable for trolleybuses (Rules of  UNECE 107 (04) Attachment 12)

The laboratory is certified by Belarus State certifying Cente.  Accreditation certificate № BY/112 2.4748 of 29.01.2016.

As a result the laboratory is providing the protocol.It filles by received technical parametres of each types of measurements. The protocol  contains the report about all realized tests and statement of technological regulations’ standarts conformity.


The laboratory is equipped with precision gages and techniques. Testing is provides by qualified experts.

Technician testing a control panel wiht measurement instrument, close-up
Technician testing a control panel wiht measurement instrument, close-up.