1. Metalworking operation and coating of metals;

2. Shot-blast cleaning  of non-circular tubes and  not large details.

3. Blanking operation for metalware:

– metal cutting by guillotine-shears;

– pipe and shape cutting by saw and power hacksaw band;

– laser, plasma arc and oxy-fuel metal cutting;

-metal folding;

– forging of rolled metal products;

4. Metal fabrication applying the next welding works:

-mechanized welding of structural steel в среде СО2;

-mechanized welding of aluminum alloys and stainless steel в среде Ar ;

– tungsten electrode welding of aluminum alloys and stainless steel  в среде Ar;

– spot welding of light-gage sheet metal;

5. Lathe working:

– milling working;

– Lathe working with the numerical program control;

– hole drilling;