PRC delegation visit

Businessmen of Sichuan province, (People’s Republic of China) visit

16th of February 2017 OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash” was visited by the delegation of chinese businessmen from the Sichuan province with the vice-governor of the province People’s Government at the head – sir Liu Jie.
Chinese delegation included as well People’s Republic of China ambassador at the Republic of Belarus – Cui Qiming, the president of Xinzhu corporation – sir Huang Zhiming, Deputy Director General of “Chengdu Xinzhu Road & Bridge Machinery Co.” – sir Ma Qianli.
During the meeting the plans of possible supplies of belarusian electrobuses to China was discussed, as well it was hold a symbolic ceremony of a red ribbon cutting, what proves high effectivness of belarusian-chinese cooperation. Within the framework of the visit it was hold electrobus model E433 test drive around the city.
With the purporse of realization of the projects of implantation of electrobuses to the transport infrastructures of the cities of Belarus “Belkommunmash” actively cooperates from 2015 with chinese corporation “Xinzhu” and its subsidiary company “AOWAY” supercapacitors producer.
It was organized comprehensive cooperation and learned the experience of electrobuses on supercapacitors (production of “Chengdu Xinzhu”) implantation to the transport infrastructure of Shanghai, trough the both companies’ joint efforts and with support of vice-governor of Sichuan province – sir Liu Jie.
By today “Belkommunmash” company signed the agreement for 20 electrobuses units to the city of Minsk and is launching an innovative vehicle on Minsk routes, using the experience of Chinese colleagues.
The next plan of “Belkommunmash” is to organize transport connection on the “Great Stone” Industrial park territory, holding of electrobuses trial operation in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and as well to supply Belarusian electrobuses to the People’s Republic of China market together with “Chengdu Xinzhu” company.