"Belkommunmash" delivered 40 trolleybuses 321 to the city of Togliatti

Last weekend, the delivery of 40 trolleybuses model 321 for the city of Togliatti was completed.

OJSC “Belcommunmash Holding Management Company” won a tender for the supply of 40 units of 321 trolleybuses for the needs of the city of Togliatti, this is the largest supply to Russia in the last three years. The governance of the city of Togliatti cares about the ecological situation and thereforehas started an active renewal of the electric transport in recent years.

Trolleybuses of this model is the most popular and beloved, proven by time model from the line “Belkommunmash” in the CIS, for example, in Minsk, there are more than 400 of 321 cars.Now the inhabitants of Togliatti will be able to evaluate the advantages of this model. This machine meets all modern requirements for passenger transport: it is a completely low-floor trolleybus equipped with a mechanical ramp with manual control, which facilitates access for passengers with disabilities, as well as for parents with baby carriages. Trolleybus 321 is a single-section, compact and maneuverable model. The electrical equipment in this machine is located on the roof in a sealed compartment, which makes the operation of this model safer in comparison with high-floor analogues.

The photo of transphoto.ru is used in the article