Trolleybus model 43303А Vitovt Max Duo in Rivne

First trolleybus model 43303А was supplied to Rivne, Ukrain

At the beginning of December 2016 trolleybus model 43303А Vitovt Max Duo, or as well known as duobus, started the route in Rivne (Ukrain).
Such a name the trolleybus got due to its unique characterictic: this machine is able to function on a routs, using a suspension grid familiar for the trolleybuses, and as well without it –because it has a diesel-generator set. By the way, duobus is able to on one diesel refueling to overcome more than 100 km. This capacity will let the trolleybus to pass through the traffic jam on a public transport line, as well it’s able to pass through the railroad crossing or a road with a broken overhead line, quickly.  This option will also allow to establish passengers carriage to the new city districts without necessity of trolleybus infrastructure installation and will let to avoid a lot of unnecessary transfers on such routes. So, duobus becomes a universal and maneuver as a transport source, and not to lose its ecologic component, what is very important in a polluted urban environment.
Nowadays this trolleybus model is represented in Ukrain in a single copy, but we hope that after successful exploitation on the routes of Rivne, this model of trolleybus will be popular as much as models of other technics of “Belkommunmash” production.