On the 13th of October 2011 the agreement was signed about industrial and technological cooperation between OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash” and Urban Electric Transport Directory of Chisinau (Moldova), in regarding and there was organized co-assembly of trolleybus models of “Belkommunmash”.


Co-assembly of trolleybuses based on repair workshops of Urban Electric Transport Directory of Chisinau was started in 2012 when first 10 trolleybuses were produced and 20 units in 2013. Total amount of trolleybus will be 50 by the end of 2014. Moreover, there are for nearly 50 trolleybus models 321 to produce in 2015. Amount of produced trolleybuses will depend on how many funds will be devoted from municipal budget. As far as Electric Transport Directory works as self-financing one, the company funds will be directed to meet the expenses and this project has been implemented by the guarantee of City Hall


Vehicles have been produced under Belarusian brand, subject to “Belkommunmash” technologies with its guarantee maintenance. The trolleybus model AKCM-321 (3rd generation) has been delivered to Chisinau as vehicle sets, bodies with windows and doors, the other components are produced or assembled on the spot.


In particular, the engine and other aggregates are assembling in Chisinau, the trolleybus compartment is equipped. All technological process of the trolleybus assembly in takes 15 % in Chisinau.


First produce trolleybus of “Belkommunmash” in Chisinau was dedicated to the notional date – 576th anniversary from Chisinau day’s mention in the official documents.


The vehicle sets of trolleybus model 42003 were delivered to Chisinau regarding this Co-assembly agreement.


4th generation trolleybus model 42003 has a new carriage body design; the compartment is more spacious as compared to the 3rd generation trolleybus, but with the same sizes. The advantage is that the vehicle has off-line run system: it can cover the distance without electricity supply up to 500 meters. In case of emergency, when it is needed to come around the hindrances, the trolleybus can do it by own batteries.


We remind that, estimating advantages 102 new Belarusian trolleybuses, Dorin Chirtoacă, the Municipality Mayor of Chisinau, suggested to organize the assembly of such vehicles in Chisinau to reduce production costs new rolling-stock. It would be provided in other cities of Moldova in the long view. The Mayor suggested to consider the supply possibilities of “Belkommunmash” trolleybuses based on Chisinau assembly in Romanian cities.