The elctrobus is on the route

The first “Belkommunmash” electrobus is on the route in Minsk

The first “Belkommunmash” electrobus made it’s first route in Minsk 12 of may.  By now innovative machines already owned by SE “Minsktrans” started passenger transportation on the route №59 DS Serova – Dolgobrodskaja.

Those passengers who managed already to ride the electrobus, appreciated it’s spacious and bright design with comfortable fresh green seats. And mobile gadgets users, who almost never leave it, where happy to see sockets and usb-sockets for their devices charging.

Drivers who were used to drive trolleybuses and now seating by the wheel of electrobus, noted the driving convenience, and video cameras in the passenger compartment, the image from cameras is displaying on the screen in the driver’s cabin, because it will not let to vandals to spoil the interior and will let to prevent disorder situations in a cabin.

A ticket will cost the same price as a ticket for transportation in ordinary autobuses.

We are sure that electrobuses model E433 would be appreciated by the Minsk citizens and city guests, because the vehicle has many advantages over the usual autobuses, trolleybuses, tramways, such as environmental friendliness, maneuverability and comfort.