Budapest Mayor visited "Belkommunmash"

Budapest Mayor, István Tarlós, visited “Belkommunmash”

11th of April 2017 OJSC “Holding Management company “Belkommunmash” was visited by the Mayor of Budapest – István Tarlós.
Mr. Tarlós was met by the representatives of “Belkommunmash” with Vladimir Korol – the Director General on the head.
It was held an excursion of the enterprise for the Hungarian guests, were shown all the stages of the electrobus E433 production. Mr, Tarlós showed interest in this innovative “Belkommunmash” development. After the excursion Mr. Mayor and other guests could personally appreciate the work of the electrobus during the electrobus test-drive on the city streets.

It’s not surprising that at the time of the increasing attention to the eco-friendly transport in the recent years, as its exploitation allows to improve significantly the environment condition, the guests from Budapest were interested in cooperation with “Belkommunmash” and electrobus implementation to the city infrastructure.