Electrobus test drive in Minsk

26 of December 2016 it was hold a test-drive of the first OJSC “Holding management company “Belkommunmash” electrobu

26 of December 2016 it was hold a test-drive of the first OJSC “Holding management company “Belkommunmash” electrobus.

Electrobus with passengers drove along the route Partizansky av. – Vaneeva st. – Vaupshasava st. – Radialnaja st.

Electrobus passenger capacity – 153 passenger, 38 seats. The machine is equipped with a video surveillance system, inside the electrobus there are outlets and USB-connectors for telephone and other devices charging.

Delivery of 20 units to Minsk is planned for the first quarter of 2017. At the beginning the launch is planned on two routes. After the launch in Minsk it’s planned to popularize this transport in regional cities.

“We are convinced that this transport will work safe and would be appreciated by Minsk citizens. By now we knew that city transports are tramways, trolleybuses, buses. But nowadays the is a struggle for economic and ecological transport all over the world. That’s why the first electrobuses and hybrid buses appeared”, – the deputy prime-minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko told to journalists.

At the same time he told about the advantages of electrobuses: “It differs in work as it’s not necessary to build contact lines. Due to that advantage there is no need to incur additional costs. The electrobus has an electric storage. When it was charged at the last stop it can run 15-16 km without recharging”. The vice-minister as well noted an environmental friendliness of this vehicle. “Besides that, the electrobus is more economical. Electric storages have a function of regeneration. It allows to save 30-40% of energy. Obviously this is the transport of the future”.

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