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The trolleybuses, tramways and electrobuses for the city routes are produced by one of the leading electro-transport manufactures in CIS – OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash”.

Ecologic electro-transport is becoming more comfortable and demanded in many countries. Belarusian machines can be seen in more than 40 cities in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Serbia, Mongolia, Columbia and Argentina.

Mileage of success

1 of July 1973 – new enterprise – Minsk tramway-trolleybus overhaul factory OJSC Holding Managing company “Belkommunmash” is appeared on the Minsk map. Though at that time it couldn’t be considered an industrial giant, nevertheless its activity was very important for economics: the factory’s aim was to give a second life to all the electro-transport units of Minsk and other cities in BSSR.

1974  – First trolleybus was repaired at the factory. It became a basis for the development of capacities, which was carried out due to a whole range of activities – technical re-equipment and reconstruction, labor organization improving, new technological processes introduction.

1976 –  The factory was renamed to repair-mechanic factory. By the 1978 the number of repaired machines reached 1000 units. During the whole history of the company there were repaired more 7 thousand of trolleybuses and tramways.

1988 – The intensive development of the company, widening of  activity field leaded to creation of  production union “Belkommunmash”.

1993 – The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved the program of the development of electro-transport production basis. One of the points of it was the development of the trolleybus production in Belarus.

1994 – Was produced the first new Belarusian trolleybus. During the year there were made 100 of trolleybuses.

At 1996  was mastered the production of trolleybus of the second generation model “201” with thyristor-pulse control system of electric traction, which let to save 25-30% of electric power.

1997-1998 – The creation of the third generation trolleybus with a low floor level throughout the length of the body, which has absorbed all the latest design developments.

At 2000 “Belkommunmash” began production of  the most popular a wide known trolleybus model 321, which later was modified few times according to the newest market trends.

Also at that year the first Belarusian tramway was produced.

2007 – The production of the first fourth generation trolleybus model “42003”at the post-soviet region. It embodied all the advanced ideas of trolleybuses production, including the possibility of hybrid drive and energy storage installation. The trolleybus model 420 is characterized by the cutting-edge design, actual body arrangement and high-level comfort of the salon and driver’s cabin.

At 2008 the next generation tramway, complying the modern European standards, was created. It was launched the production of the tramway carriages for its equipment, before the company used to import it. The new tramway model 843 can speed up to 120 km/h, because of its technical characteristics. The car-shuttle has two cabins and in able to move in both directions. And it has a huge passenger capacity.

2009 – The trolleybus model 321 took part in auto transport forum “IAF-2009” and was considered as the best trolleybus of the year. The trolleybus got that rank during the two-stage concurs “PROdvizhenie”.

The productive success was marked by the Head of the State. “The President thanked the “Belkommunmash” leadership for the creation of the first-class, claimed company, and he asked to increase 2-3 times the number of produced equipment. We can learn from the experience of “Belkommunmash” how to work in a difficult conditions” (“Evening Minsk”, 2009).

At 2010 the tramway was significantly upgraded. The new model 62103 has been created on the basis 62102, but it differs from the previous version in low-floor in the center of the body. All the tramways has started to be produced on the own car-shuttles.

At this year at “Belkommunmash” was hold an international conference on the subject of  consumers of electro-transport. The business-partners of the Belarusian company had come to Minsk, famous representatives of this industry, working in both the operation-technical service and engineering/producing of the transport were among them. The participants of the conference came from Germany, Australia, Turkey, Cyprus, Switzerland, Chile, Latvia, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Italy. During three days the participants were studying the development and potential of the Belarusian company.

2011 – OJSC “Belkommunmash” was renamed to OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash”. So, it contains OJSC “Belkommunmash”, PE “Scientific and Technical Production Center”, PE “Service and Distribution Center”. “Belkommunmash” got the diploma for the  contribution to the transport renewal in the world cities, in Dubai.

At 2011 as well had been created a hybrid autobus model A420 on the fourth generation trolleybus basis.

At 2013 there was engineered the trolleybus model 43303A prototype on the model 42003 basis, which was equipped with the diesel motor generator for operation without an overhead line.

2014-2015 – The trolleybus model 32100D prototype was engineered. It uses lithium-titanium drive system, which allows to run the large distance without use of an overhead line.

At 2015 the company won the competition “The leader in the field”.

2016  – Officially presented the Electrobus and the company started its production.  The Electrobus is considered a “green” transport of XXI century, due to the absence of harmful emissions, low noise level and the use of ecologic energy sources. Belarusian Electrobuses are available in two versions – standard E420 and lengthened Е433.

By nowadays “Belkommunmash” produced over the 3,6 thousand trolleybuses units and more than 500 units of tramways were created.

Today “Belkommunmash” is a close-knit team, numbering over the 900 persons. The production capacities allow to produce over 350 technical units a year.

“Belkommunmash”, focusing on the active development towards “green” technologies of the passenger transport in Europe and CIS, started to diversify the product line and set up electrobuses production. The first prototypes of the electrobuses will be produced in December 2016.