Electric bus E490


The electric bus is ergonomic, compact and highly maneuverable.

An off-line run system based on supercapacitors enable to overcome the route length charging on the route terminals.

The main features of the electric bus model E490 are:

– Interior layout – the over-wheel arch in the area of the front bridge is located in the driver’s cab, the arch of the rear bridge is located in the rear compartment, so it does not interfere with passengers in the cabin.

– Using of two controlled axes, which increases the maneuverability of the electric bus during operation on narrow streets.


  • Modern interior design, bright and spacious salon adaptable to all customer requirements.
  • 2+1 and 2+2 seating.
  • Externall cover from pieces made of composite materials.
  • Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system.
  • For an easier entrance of physically challenged passengers are provided:
  • – a place for a wheelchair and a special system for its fixation, a communication system with the driver;
  • – a folding ramp for an easier entrance of passengers with wheelchairs;
  • – the system of body pitch (kneeling).
  • Partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment glazed with a gap for ticket sales.
  • AC motor.
  • Painting according to customer requirements.


  • Fire suppression system.
  • Video monitoring with recording and storage of information on the media.
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system.
  • Cabin air conditioning.
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation system in the passenger compartment.
  • GPS equipment with global positioning system.
  • Electric energy meter.