Electric bus model Е433 «Vitovt Max Electro»

Modern design
Modern design

Electric bus model Е433 “VITOVT MAX ELECTRO” – is three-axle low-floor linked type of vehicle.

Autonomous run is ensured by the energy storage system based either on supercapacitors or lithium batteries that depends on chosen configuration. Electric bus is charged via charging stations at the route terminals or plug-in chargers in the depot.

The use of CAN bus technology enables monitoring and diagnostics of the technical status of the electrobus. Our latest model provides every conceivable aid to people of the restricted mobility, including a folding ramp.

Our modern product designed in a neoclassical style combines technical and ergonomic benefits with a real trump card profitability. The VITOVT MAX ELECTRO is a real-life example of how functional material combinations packed in a fresh design can undoubtedly be a welcome addition to any cityscape.

Technical features

  • Airy, bright and clear interior design adaptable to customer requirements.
  • Neoclassical exterior design.
  • Passenger compartment 100% low-floor.
  • Extended usable area thanks to greater distance between axles 1 and 2.
  • Excellent overview of the entire passenger compartment thanks to wide corridor connections and 100% low-floor.
  • 2+1 or 2+2 seating as per customer requirements, in rows or opposite
  • Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system.
  • Easy-to-change external cover made of composite materials.
  • Internal cover from pieces made of composite materials, even panels of aluminium.
  • Full air-conditioning for the entire vehicle by means of three separate air-conditioning units.
  • High-performance heating.
  • Partition between driver’s cab and passenger compartment glazed with a gap for ticket sales.
  • Equipment for PRM: wheelchair space with seat-belt option and driver alert function, manual folding boarding ramp, seats reserved for PRM.
  • Kneeling and electronic floor-height stabilization system.

Optional features installed on the customer’s request

  • Fire protection standards based on customer requirements.
  • Conductor seat and heating for conductor area on request from customer.
  • Video monitoring, storage and readout of data based on valid statutory regulations of the customer.
  • Rear axle drive and control with air-cooled IGBT-converters.
  • CAN-Bus-control and diagnostics. Remote data transfer.
  • GPS
  • Energy meter