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  • New generation of Electrobus

    Electrobus model Е433 “VITOVT MAX ELECTRO” – is three-axle low-floor linked type of vehicle,
    which is equipped with the supercapacitors enable to overcome the route off-line, charging on
    the route terminals.

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  • Electrobus model E 420

    Electrobus model E 420 – modern and eye-catching design to ensure maximum electrical safety for passengers. Comfort for the passengers.

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About company

Company mission: To contribute to the improvement of the modern city image, introducing effective transport solutions with care for people and the environment.

OJSC “Holding management company” Belkommunmash “is a state-owned enterprise established by Minsk city executive committee. The authorized fund is formed by the sources of their own funds, without the participation of the state, foreign and other participants.

The presence of the production base and stable staff allowed the company to simultaneously overhaul start solving qualitatively new problem – mastering the production of new vehicles. At present OJSC “Holding management company “Belkommunmash” is the leading industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus in the field of production and capital repair of rolling stock urban electric transport.


45 years of successful work

July 1, 1973 in Minsk was commissioned Repair tram and trolleybus plant (MRTTZ), now – JSC “Holding management company “Belkommunmash.


First trolleybus was repaired at the factory. It became a basis for the development of capacities, which was carried out due to a whole range of activities – technical re-equipment and reconstruction, labor organization improving, new technological processes introduction.


The factory was renamed to repair-mechanic factory “Belkommunmash”, because of versatility of the factory and production of the wide range of technical products.


The number of repaired machines reached 1000 units. “That day has been long awaited. Launched a socialist competition under the motto “by the 60 years of Republic the 1000th bus ahead of the schedule!”


“Belkommunmash” awarded the Red Banner of  CPSU Central Committee, USSR Ministers Council, The All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and All-Union Leninist Young Communist League for the first place at the sector at republic socialist competition for the first 1979 quarter.


2000 of repaired technical units. The factory awarded the Red Banner KPB Central Commitee, BSSR Ministers Council, Belsovprof and Leninist Young Comunist Soviet of Belarus. “High productivity and quality of labor is an everyday norm”.


The factory reconstraction  and widening allowed to increase production capacity and to increase the number of equipment overhauls to 400 units per year.


The intensive development of the company, widening of  activity field leaded to creation of  production union “Belkommunmash”.


The car park in Republic consisted over 2000 trolleybuses, but 300 of it were almost reached the end of their life and needed to be replaced. The trolleybus purchases from Russia were finished due to different reasons.


The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved the program of the development of electro-transport production basis. “Belkommunmash” started implementation.


Was produced the first trolleybus model “101” in Belarus. Later, in a short time, it was placed into production.


In a year “Belcommunmash” produced 100th Belarusian machine. Trolleybus with a number “100” on board did a honor route through the streets of Minsk.


Was mastered the production of trolleybus of the second generation model “201” with thyristor-pulse control system of electric traction, which allows to save 25-30% of electric power.


The creation of the third generation trolleybus with a low floor level throughout the length of the body. The main feature of the novelty was – the use of the AC.


“Belkommunmash” started to produce the first belarusian tramways model “1M”. We marked the beggining of a new era by doing that and proved that “Belkommunmash” is able to produce not only trolleybuses.


PU “Belkommunmash” was reorganized into the Production republic unitary company “Belkommunmash”.


Production of the first tramway model “743” with increased capacity, made of three pieces, with varing floor level, which was developed to the models “843” and “84300M” in 2008 with a low floor level and based on the latest car-shuttles.


The group of “Belkommunmash” specialists  was aworded the State prize of the Republic of Belarus at the technical sector  for the engineering and the serial trolleybus and tramway production.



Trolleybus model “32102” was awarded the best product of the year in Belarus.  “Belkommunmash” became one of belarusian companies who started to follow japanese production model and began  а lean manufacturing.


The production of the first fourth generation trolleybus model “42003”at the post-soviet region. It embodied all the advanced ideas of trolleybuses production, including the possibility of hybrid drive and energy storage installation.


The production of fourth generation tramway. New tramway model 843 can speed up to 120 km/h, because of its technical characteristics. Also this year the company celebrated it’s 35th birthday.


UE “Belkommunmash” implemented a procedure of denationalization, and by the february 2010 was registered as OJSC “Belkommunmash”. The productive success was marked by the Head of the State.


It was implemented the tranfer of all the produced tramways to the own production carriages. Was produced the first tramway model “62103”. At this year at “Belkommunmash” was hold an international conference on the subject of  consumers of electro-transport.


At this year “Belkommunmash” started the partnership with the capital of Moldova, Kishinev. OJSC “Belkommunmash” was renamed to OJSC “Holding Managing Company “Belkommunmash”


A hybrid bus with a diesel motor generator was awarded the title of “The best vehicle” according to visitors of International specialized exhibition “Electrotrans” (Moscow, Russia).


Trolleybus model 43303, which was engineered at 2013, was praised by experts at the International exhibition UITP-2013  in Geneva.


The trolleybus model 32100D prototype was engineered. It uses lithium-titanium drive system, which allows to run the large distance without use of an overhead line.


In May 2017 electrobuses produced by “Belcommunmash” started the work in Minsk on the trolleybus route №59.


1 of July 2018 the enterprise celebrated  45th anniversary and presented a new design of electric bus – Vitovt Max Electro II.

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Trolley buses
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Trolley buses
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The geography of deliveries
OJSC "Holding management company "Belkommunmash" supplies products in all regions of the Republic of Belarus, as well as cooperates with Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Serbia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Colombia and other countries.

Our company always strives for more and constantly expands geography of supplies.
Countries with which we cooperate:
Republic of Kazakhstan
The Republic of Serbia
Trolley buses
3 880
Tram model 84300M
Tram model 84300M low-floor, three-piece, two-way movement, c two motor and a maintenance trolley and an electronic control system on IGBT-modules traction AC motors.

Design features. The modular body structure and modern design. The outer skin made of composite materials, the low level of the floor is 80% of the cabin area. Spare parts for trucks of leading German companies.
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Tram model 84300M
Trolleybus model 433
Trolleybus model 433 - triaxial, low-floor, articulated, is equipped with the mechanical ramp near the second door.

Modern and eye-catching design to ensure maximum electrical safety for passengers. Comfort for the passengers. Convenience for the driver (climate control, air conditioning, fully inform the driver about the current state of the trolleybus) ...
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Trolleybus model 433